Please note that everyone is different there for their responses to drugs as well as drug tests may vary. 

Should I take my drug test first thing in the morning?
The first urine sample of the day is always the most concentrated, but is not necessary to get accurate results.

Why should I use an at home drug test?
Taking an at home drug test can help anyone before having to take a mandatory test to determine whether they will test negative or positive. 

What causes a faint T-line?
The test was not left in the urine sample long enough may cause a faint line. 
Chemical imbalances or dilution of the urine sample (ie. Too much water was drank before taking the test) may cause a faint line.
Not enough THC in the system to cause a positive result, however there still may be a small trace in the urine sample may cause a faint line.
Low detection level test may cause a faint T-line (ie. THC 20 ng/mL test, THC 15 ng/mL, COC 150 ng/mL).
The expiration date of the test has past, may cause a faint line.
Taking a medication that is chemically similar to the drug being screened may cause a faint line.

Is it possible to ‘cheat’ on a drug test?
Yes. Contamination of specimen is common if the collector does not observe the collection process. 

How do I know if I took the test correctly?
Make sure that you have followed these steps: 
1.) Begin in a well-lit place. Have a watch or timer ready. 
2.) Make sure the urine sample and the Drug test Cup is at room temperature before testing.
3.) Open the foil pouch at the notch and remove the Drug Test Cup.
4.) Remove the cap from the Drug Test Cup.
5.) Fill the Drug Test Cup with urine to at least the minimum fill level line, which is approximately about 30 mL, it is OK to have some extra urine sample , wipe off any splashes or spills on the outside of the cup
6.) Place the test cup on a flat dry surface. Start the time and wait for the line(s) to appear
7.) Read the test result(s) at 5 minutes.

How do I read the results of a test? What do they mean?
NEGATIVE RESULTS: A negative result is indicated by two coloured lines(of any intensity): one in the control region "C" AND one in the test region "T". This result means that the urine screened negative. (REMEMBER-EVEN A VERY FAINT LINE IS A NEGATIVE RESULT.)
PRELIMINARY POSITIVE RESULTS: A single coloured line which appears in the control region "C" and NO line in the test region "T" means the urine sample is considered to be PRELIMINARY POSITIVE. The urine sample must be sent to a laboratory for further testing. More than one test may be "preliminary positive.
INVALID RESULTS: A test should be considered Invalid Result if no lines appear or if a line appears in the test region "T" without a line in the control region "C". The presence of a coloured line in the control region "C" is necessary to confirm assay performance and must always appear.

How long do I wait before reading my results?
Wait 5 minutes before reading the results of your test.