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All of the drug tests you find on this website have been rigorously tested and have under gone extensive quality control tests to ensure peace of mind, quality results, and effective methods to detect drug and alcohol usage. All tests are easy to use and safe to handle. also lists all necessary instructions, package inserts, and information associated with tests so that you know what you’re buying. There are no strings attached, no hidden fees, and we’re here to make your purchase of drug and alcohol tests as stress-free as possible.

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Please be advised that My Drug Test and Sensor Health Products Inc are offering the drug and alcohol screening tests as a way to determine whether there is a qualitative (pos/neg) finding within an individual. We do not verify accuracy of test and assume no responsibility to the outcome of the individuals results from self testing. We recommend that if your test result finding becomes confusing or is not the result that you expected, that you further your testing for confirmation with a registered Drug Testing Laboratory. Tests purchased are for screening purposes only and therefore will not show any specifics other than pos/neg. We assume no liability for any self diagnosis and actions taken in the event of an undesirable test outcome. Purchasing and testing is for your entertainment purposes only.