We’d like to take a little time to re-introduce ourselves and say welcome to My Drug Test.  To put it simply, we are an online supplier of at home drug testing kits. Our website, or online store carries a variety of user friendly single and multi-panel drug of abuse tests. Each test contains an instructional insert but if you have further inquiries we can be reached by phone or email.


My Drug Test is here to help. Our mission is to supply the best at home drug tests to you at as little cost as possible. All of our tests are sold with the purpose of being a tool or instrument of assistance for drugs of abuse. On our website you will find a page dedicated to the types of drugs we offer tests for, including THC, Cocaine, Fentanyl, etc.


Your privacy is our priority and each test you order will arrive in discreet packaging.We understand that your information is very sensitive, for that reason we do not keep record of it and have employed various levels of security measures to help keep your information safe online. My Drug Test uses the information that you provide us with only for the purpose of shipping out purchases.  


We pride ourselves on being resourceful at My Drug Test. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for do not hesitate to let us know - we have a vast network of suppliers! We are not just in the business of helping humans, My Drug Test also has access to drugs of abuse tests for pets that follow the same values and principals.


My Drug Test values derive from good intent. Our drugs of abuse tests provide qualitative results that provide you with a peace of mind. Upon getting your results, our job is finished, and the rest is in your hands. However, as a part of our good-hearted human nature, we thought it was necessary to have a page dedicated to outside resources you may contact for further information, help and guidance.


Each of our drugs of abuse tests have been rigorously tested and under gone extensive quality control tests to ensure peace of mind, quality results, and effective methods to detect drug and alcohol usage. All products are registered with the Health Protection Branch (HPB) in Canada and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.